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Monday, May 15, 2017


Cienfuegos is on the southern coast of Cuba, 250km from Havana. The main street in town is Paseo del Prado, which travels down to La Punta, the tip of Cienfuegos.

Cienfuegos was settled by immigrants of French origin and there are many impressive buildings on Paseo del Prado. This is the public library in town.

Across the street is another beautiful building.

Paseo del Prado is a broad street with a central pedestrian walkway.

Just a few blocks to the west of Paseo del Prado is Parque Jose Marti. The Cienfuegos Cathedral, also known as Catedral de la Purisma Concepcion (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception), sits at the eastern edge of the Parque. 

The interior of the cathedral is stark

but there are a few stained glass windows.

On the southern edge is the Palacio de Gobierno, home to the provincial government. 

On the northern edge of the parque is Colegio San Lorenzo, the university of Cienfuegos.

Next door is Teatro Tomas Terry. It was built in the late 1880s with donations from the Venezuelan Tomas Terry. The 950-seat theatre offers plays and concerts today.

In the center of the parque is a statue of Jose Marti.

On the day we visited, there was a book fair. Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world-99.7%, compared to the US rate of 86%.

The pedestrian zone of Avenida 54 is charming. It's lined with shops, travel agencies, bars & restaurants.

Colorful buildings line the street.

Street stall selling lechon--whole roasted pig. It looked good but when I saw the buzzing flies, I elected not to try it.

Muelle Real, a pedestrianized wharf sits at the southern edge of Pueblo Nuevo. 

Cienfuegos is a popular cruise port and has more tourist amenities and souvenirs than elsewhere in Cuba.

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