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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Plaza de la Revolucion

One of the stops on the HabanaBusTour is the Plaza de la Revolucion.

The Plaza de la Revolucion is a concrete expanse that has 3 memorials. The Memorial Jose Marti is a star-shaped memorial to the independence fighter who died in his first battle against the Spanish in 1922. Although it is a symbol of the Revolution, the memorial was actually completed the year before the Revolution started. 

In front of the memorial is a marble statue of Jose Marti. The ground floor of the star-shaped building is a museum on Marti's life. 4 CUCs to tour the museum and an additional 1 CUC to take the elevator to the top of the monument. 

Another of the memorial is to Cienfuegos. The steel sculpture of Cienfuegos is constructed in front of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications. In the corner is what Cienfuegos said to Fidel Castro at a victory rally in 1959. Fidel asked how he was doing and Cienfuegos responded, "vas bien Fidel" ("you're doing fine, Fidel").

The 3rd memorial in the Plaza de la Revolucion is to Che Guevara. It's located on the Ministry of the Interior building, where Guevara once worked.

The sculpture was forged in 1993 from steel donated by the French government. 

In the corner, his most famous quote--"haste la victoria siempre" (always, til the victory)

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