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Monday, May 29, 2017

Valle de Los Ingenios

The area surrounding Trinidad used to be home to large sugar plantations and mills. You can take a tourist train to visit the Valle de Los Ingenios or Valley of the Mills.

The train station is located in the southwestern part of Trinidad, 1.2 km and 15 minute walk from Plaza Mayor.

Show up at the train station at 9 am to buy tickets for the 9:30 departure. Tickets are 15 CUCs roundtrip for adults, 12 CUCs for kids.

Tourists waiting for the train to arrive.

The train is supposed to be pulled by a steam engine but it's often broken down. More often than not, it's pulled by a diesel engine. The cars are wooden

with open sides

There is a bar onboard and the beer is reasonable.

Leaving Trinidad

past beautiful countryside

with the Sierra del Escambray in the background

and open valleys in the foreground

2017 03 11

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