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Monday, May 22, 2017

Restaurant Sabore Arte

Just a few blocks from Parque Vidal, we found Restaurante Sabore Arte, located at 7 Maceo. Prices are quoted in CUPs and you can either pay in CUPs or they will convert to CUCs. The rate isn't as good as the bank's but not too bad--24 CUPs/CUC vs 26.5 CUPs/CUC.

Ensalada Estucion--15 CUPs or $0.57.

Filete de Pescado--45 CUPs. The fish was delicious and moist and was served with rice, chips and a small salad. Can't believe it was only $1.75.

Langosta Grille--250 CUPs. This was an amazing lobster dish. There was so much lobster and it was pan fried so well. All this for $9.50.

Flan--10 CUP ($0.38).

This was an amazing dinner. So good and so cheap!

2017 03 09

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