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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sol y Son Restaurante

Dinner was at Sol y Son. We went at 7 pm and were able to get a table despite no reservations. The restaurant is located at 283 Calle Desengano, in an elegant 19th century home.

Beautiful table setting.

I ordered the Sol y Son Colonial--2 CUCs. It had 3 year old rum, blue curaƧao and lemon soda. I was not a fan.

Lobster with Pineapple in Ginger Sauce--13 CUCs. The lobster was good but the sauce was too sweet.

Chicken in Creole Mole Sauce--11.95 CUCs. My husband liked this. It was a little spicy though.

Flan--1.95 CUCs.

There was a live band. We liked the music and purchased a CD for 10 CUCs.

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