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Monday, May 8, 2017

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana

The Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana was built to be the most complex and expensive defense system in the Americas. It's situated 500 m further into the Bahia de la Habana from El Morro. It was finished in 1774 and was never tested for its defensive worth.

It's open from 10 am-10 pm. Admission is 6 CUCs, 8 CUCs if you enter after 6 pm. Every night at 9 pm, the Ceremonia del Canonazo takes place. During the ceremony, soldiers dressed in 19th century uniforms fire the cannon, symbolizing the closing of the fort's gates.

The fortaleza is like a little village complete with streets.

The well in the center of the fort.

Line of cannons, ready to be fired.

View looking back across the bay at Habana Vieja and Central Habana.

You can also see the cruise ship terminal from the fort

Glimpse of El Cristo de la Habana--a white Carrera marble sculpture by Cuban Jilma Madera. It was installed on the hillside in December 1958, 15 days before Fidel Castro entered Habana during the Cuban Revolution.

The storehouses are now filled with historical displays and shops.

Chapel in the fort

After the Revolution, Che Guevara set up an office in the fortaleza. Today, there is a small museum dedicated to him.

It's a large fort with much to see. You really need at least 2 hours there.

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