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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Casa Prado

After the cigar factory tour, lunch was at Casa Prado.

It's located at 4626 Calle 37 (Paseo el Prado).

Homemade rolls.

Limonada or lemonade slushies--1.50 CUC

Coctel Camarones (shrimp cocktail)--3 CUCs. The shrimp were good but there was a mayonnaise base that was too much.

Enchilado de Camarones--7.50 CUCs. This was shrimp stew, served with plantains.

Arroz Frito Especial--5 CUCs. This was a fried rice with shrimp, ham & egg. It had good flavor but was too salty. The portion could have fed 4 people.

2017 03 09

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