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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cigar Factory Tour

From the Punta, we took a taxi to the cigar factory in Cienfuegos. You need to buy a ticket at a travel agency, which we found in Pueblo Nuevo. Be sure to bring your passport--you can't get into the cigar factory without showing your passport .

The cigar factory is located to the east of Paseo del Prado

across from the train station. It didn't look like the station was operational.

The exterior of the factory.

Pictures weren't allowed inside but there was a display showing how to roll a cigar. The tour was supposed to be in English but ended up being in Spanish. The factory employs 100 women and 33 men to make 8000 cigars daily but my Spanish is very rudimentary and I'm not sure I heard correctly.

Fidel & Raul grace the walls

as did Che Guevara.

At the end of the tour, there are no free samples. There weren't even any cigars to sell.

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