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Friday, May 5, 2017


Coppelia is a state-run ice cream chain in Cuba.

In Havana, it's located between Calles 23 & 21 and Calles K & L.

Lines for paying in CUPs are long. This one circled the block. 

The ice cream parlor is located in a modern building shaped like a flying saucer. It seats 1,000 people. You need a building this large to serve over 35,000 daily.

When the business started in 1966, there were over 26 flavors available daily. Today, there are just a handful.

Foreigners can bypass the line and pay in CUCs. You don't get to sit in the flying saucer though.

One scoop of ice cream costs 2.50 CUCs. One scoop for the Cubans is 5 CUPS (0.20 CUCs). That's quite a differential. Plus, there were only 2 flavors available for foreigners. This was naranja pina (orange pineapple). The ice cream was not good--too airy and too melted.

If you plan to visit other Cuban cities, you'll have another opportunity to try Coppelia ice cream. No need to wait in line in Havana or be gouged by the tourist price.

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