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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Restaurante El Dorado

Lunch was at Restaurante El Dorado, located just a block north of the Viazul station.

Limonada--1.50 CUC. We loved the slushy lemonade.

Complimentary rolls were delicious

especially with the spreads--one was tomato based and the other was like a salsa.

Andalusian Gazpacho--2.25 CUC. This didn't have enough flavor.

Vegetable Soup of the Day that was included with the entree. This was good.

Filete de Pescado al Dorado--12 CUCs. Fish sauteed in butter with mushrooms, olives, aromatic herbs and rose wine. This was very tasty.

Pescado en Salsa de Cilantro--8 CUCs. The cilantro sauce had no flavor.

Flan--1 CUC

2017 03 10

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