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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


From Manaca, it was another 20 minutes to Feneta (FNTA).

Scenery en-route

At times, the train track was next to the road

At one point, the engine pulled away from the train, went around and hooked up at the end of the train. The engine pushed the cars into Feneta.

End of the line

Feneta is an abandoned sugar mill. Admission to the Museo del Azucar (Sugar Museum) is 1 CUC.

You can wander around the old mill but there's not much explanation for what you're seeing.

Abandoned machinery, most made in the US.

There was a small museum with old financial books.

If you didn't want to tour the grounds, you could have a drink or a snack. It would be a very long hour waiting for the train to leave.

We arrived back in Trinidad at 2:30 pm. I wouldn't say this is a don't miss. If you have extra time in Trinidad, it's something to do. Otherwise, if you're pressed for time, skip it.

2017 03 11

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