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Monday, May 1, 2017


Vedado is the central business district of Havana. It's bordered on the east by Central Havana and on the west by Miramar. It's more modern than other parts of Havana.

The HabanaBusTour goes along the Malecon on the way to Vedado. You'll pass Parque Antonio Maceo with a statue of the Cuban general.

The Hotel Nacional de Cuba is a historic hotel dating from the 1930s.

The high rise towers of Vedado.

Monte de las Banderas--this forest of flags was installed by the Cuban government in response to the US-installed electronic billboard that broadcast messages in 2006. The 138 flagpoles was meant to hide the billboard. The flags were taken down in 2009 when the US stopped broadcasting on the billboard.

The US Embassy in Cuba has a prime location on the Malecon. Between 1961 and 2015 when diplomatic relations ended between the US and Cuba, it was known as the US Interest Section.

Modern hotels such as the Melia Cohiba.

Across the street is the Galerias de Paseo--an upscale shopping center

Further down the street is the Giron--an apartment building built in the 1960s. It was intended for workers of the Giron bus plant. Because there are so many cracks in it, the residents fear for its collapse.

At the head of the Avenida de los Presidentes was a statue of Tomas Estrada Palma, Cuba's first president. The statue was torn down in 1959 as a result of anti-American sentiments in response to his signing the Cuban-American Treaty that leased Guantanamo Bay to the US government in 1903. Only his feet remain.

The Avenida de los Presidentes also pays tribute to non-Cuban presidents, including one to Abraham Lincoln. 

At the foot of the Avenida de los Presidents is a Memorial to Jose Miguel Gomez, Cuba's 2nd president.

Keyboard Sculpture on Zapata

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