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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hisa Franko

My sister showed me a Netflix series called "Chef's Table," which featured Hisa Franko in one of its episodes. It's a destination restaurant and a bed & breakfast. Chef Ana is self taught and features local seasonal ingredients in her cuisine.

Hisa Franko is located outside of Kobarid, on the road to Italy.

The pink building houses modern rooms. The breakfast room is attached to it. The adjacent yellow house has simpler rooms and cost €90/night.

Dinner is in an upscale but non-stuffy dining room. You have a choice of a 5-course meal for €70 or a 9-course meal for €90. We chose to get the wine pairing. Interestingly enough, they charge you for the glasses that are poured. The wines weren't too expensive and cost €31 for 9 glasses.

Amuse bouche of Parmesan Crisp. This was served with Bjana Brut, a sparkling wine.

Barley Chips with Smoked Butter and Trout Roe.

Mussel with Parsley Oil, Tomato Gelee and Sour cream.

Marble Trout, Bay Leaf, Chestnut 3 Ways

For one of the courses, you had the choice of Rabbit Liver, Meadowsweet, Fig and Popped Buckwheat.

or Langoustine, Watermelon and Pimpinella.

Chestnut Soup, Chestnut Chips and Black Truffle.

Squid Filled with Lamb Sweetbreads, Caramelized Walnuts and Cave Cheese

Lagoon/Sea Bream, Grey Mullet, Clams and Cucumber

Wild Raspberries, Goat Cheese, Buerre Noisette

Walnut Meringue, 21-day Keffir, Pear in Camomille, Forest Honey and Polline Ice Cream

I was looking forward to this meal but must admit I was disappointed. The dishes weren't memorable. Some of the wines were good but there were also some very bad wines. I did not like the Mlecnik Chardonnay even though our waiter claimed it had won several awards. It was the most expensive wine of the evening at €9.20/glass. I'm not a Chardonnay fan but it also had an off taste.

Breakfast was included in the room rate. There was a bottle of delicious unfiltered apple juice at each table.

There was a table with all kinds of cheese & meats

There was another table with baked goods and fruit. I especially liked the plum tart.

Breakfast included eggs.

They have home-made jams and jellies. My favorite was the plum. I asked if they sold the jams and was given a complimentary bottle.

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