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Friday, November 18, 2016

Vrsic Pass

Vrsic Pass is a high mountain pass through the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. It's the highest pass in Slovenia. Except for the constant roar of motorcycles, it's a beautiful journey.

The Vrsic Pass takes you through Triglav National Park. There are 24 switchbacks up the pass and 26 switchbacks down the pass. Each switchback is numbered.

After Switchback #8, you'll see a Russian chapel. Vrsic Pass was built by over 10,000 Russian POWs during WWI. In 1916, an avalanche killed hundreds of the workers and this chapel was built where the final casualty was found.

Driving through the center of Triglav National Park

After Switchback #22, you'll see the Pagan Girl. It's just a little further from here to the summit of Vrsic Pass at 5285 feet.

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