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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Postarski Dom na Vrsicu

At the summit of Vrsic Pass, there is a parking area. A 20-minute hike up the hill on the left takes you to Postarski Dom na Vrsicu. It's a mountain hut that is part of the Alpine Club.

Postarski Dom is located at 1688 m. It's reported to have the best view of the Vrsic mountain huts. There is an up-close view of the Pagan Girl on the hike up to the dom.

The hut is open from the middle of June to Sep 30.

There are 36 beds and 11 rooms. You can get a private room for 2--€27/person or get a dorm bed. If you're a member of the Alpine Club, you get a discount. Bedding is included.

Showers are €3 each. Towels are an additional €0.50. No hiking boots are allowed inside the hut. Bring a pair of sandals to walk around inside.

View of Triglav from the dining room.

Half board included dinner & breakfast--€15/person. Dinner was 3 courses with Chicken Egg Soup for the first course. This was perfect for a chilly night.

Goulash with noodles. Big portion and filling but definitely not gourmet. The noodles were overcooked and the meat was tough.

Apple Streudel. This was quite good. Apples were cooked through but not mushy.

The next morning, breakfast included 2 eggs, ham, toast and coffee/tea.

If you're not a member of the Alpine Club, a better option might be Ticarjev Dom. It's situated right next to the road. 

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