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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Vila Bled

Prior to WWII, Vila Bled was the summer residence of the Yugoslav royal family. Tito took over the place when he ran Yugoslavia. Today, it is a hotel.

Vila Bled is located on the shore of Lake Bled.

Beautiful grounds.

Front entrance to the vila.

Grand entrance from the road.


Courtyard leading to the outdoor terrace.

Terrace Restaurant

View of Bled Island from the terrace restaurant.

I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc--€3.60. My husband had a glass of Cabernet Franc--€4.90. Water--free. This was such an inexpensive way to enjoy a grand setting with a fabulous view.

Vila Bled's cream cake--€4. This was delicious. The custard was smooth and the pastry was crispy. The mango drops were an added bonus.

Climb the steps back down to the lake.

Pletnas waiting to take you to Bled Island.

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