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Monday, November 7, 2016

Villa Podvin

Near Radovljica is Vila Podvin. It is a hotel and restaurant that is headed by a celebrity chef who melds traditional Slovenian recipes with modern techniques and flavors. They offer a daily Slovene lunch for locals for €16. Lunch is served from noon to 3 pm daily except Mondays.

Vila Podvin is located in the village of Mosnje.

I ordered a glass of white wine--incredible at €1.80 for a 0.1 liter glass.

Bread offered.

Celery soup with potatoes & chives--this was rich and creamy.

Beef soup with buckwheat noodles and vegetable. The broth was thin and didn't have much depth of flavor.

Chicken stuffed with black walnuts, mashed potatoes. The chicken was dry.

Trout cooked 2 ways with mushroom barley. The trout was well prepared with a crispy exterior but I was disappointed that it didn't have more flavor.

Fruit with vegetables, apricot, homemade honey/caramel ice cream, cranberries. This was boring.

Overall, we were disappointed by the meal. I was expecting more from a celebrity chef.

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