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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Izvir Soce

At Switchback #49, a road to the right leads to the Izvir Soce or source of the Soca River. 

From the Koca pro Izviru Soce, a hut where food is sold, it's a 15 minute hike to the source of the Soca River. The last bit is pretty steep and even includes a narrow ledge over the river. There are cables to help.

The source of the Soca comes from a cave. The water is a gorgeous blue.

After getting back to the hut, we had Cocktas. It's a Slovenian drink that was invented in the 1950s because Coca Cola was not available in Yugoslavia. The Cockta is not as sweet as Coke and has a citrusy flavor. There is no caffeine. I liked it.

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