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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Soca Valley

Coming out of the Vrsic Pass, you reach the Soca Valley.

On the left, you pass the Miner's Church of the Virgin Mary of Loreto near Trenta.

Looking back at the Julian Alps

The Soca Valley is absolutely gorgeous.

At several spots, you can walk out on a suspension bridge to view the Soca River up close.

The Church of St. Joseph in the town of Soca, just 5 miles beyond Trenta.

During WWII, an artist hiding out in the mountains filled the church with patriotic symbolism, including this painting on the ceiling of the church. It's St. Michael in Yugoslav colors with Yugoslavia's WWII enemies at his feet: the eagle representing Germany, the Wolf Italy and the serpent Japan.

Behind the church, the cross on the hill marks a WWI cemetery where 600 Austro-Hungarian soldiers  killed in action are buried.

At a small gravel lot on the left beyond the church, a sign marked Velika Korita Soce or Grand Canyon of Soca.

A little further, you'll find a barn housing a primitive, industrial telpher cable-car line, used mostly for logging.

After exiting the national park, you'll find the WWI Kluze Fort, which stands watch over the narrowest part of the valley leading to Italy.

After the Kluze turnoff, there is a gravel pullout on the left with a wooden hut. Hike on the gravel path 10 minutes through the woods to reach the Ravelnik Outdoor Museum. Here, you'll find original WWI fortifications.

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