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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Slap Savica

Lake Bohinj is 30 minutes from Lake Bled. It's the largest lake in Slovenia and some consider it more beautiful than Lake Bled. It is less glamorous but also less crowded. The only downside is fewer tourist amenities.

Drive southwest from the southern end of Lake Bled.

You'll pass beautiful scenery on the way to Lake Bohinj.

At the western edge of Lake Bohinj, near the town of Ukanc, is the hike to Slap Savica (Savica Waterfall).

Park across the street from the abandoned Hotel Zlatorog and walk through meadows

to reach the start of the hike.

The hike is 7 km long and takes 2-2 1/2 hours. It's graded 1-2, with an elevation gain of 240 m.

You'll pass charming chalets

along the River Savica. Alternatively, you can drive to a car park near the waterfall instead of hiking from Ukanc. I liked the pleasant hike from Ukanc and was glad I started there.

From the car park, you'll pass a pay booth before climbing another 20 minutes to reach the Savica Waterfall. Entrance fee is €3/person. There's a shelter overlooking the valley and you'll appreciate the climb you just made.

On the way back to Ukanc, you'll walk through forests.

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