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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aux Terrasses

Tournus has several Michelin restaurants.

We chose Aux Terrasses, which has 1 star, for lunch.

It's located at 18 Ave du 23 Janvier.

This was a pepper grinder. It was cast iron with the inner piece that had grooves on the bottom. Add peppercorn in the space between the 2 pieces and grind away.

We had a nice bottle of burgundy--Saint Romain 2013 Boyer for €42.

As expected with a Michelin-starred restaurant, we started with an amuse bouche. This was lobster ice cream. It was so interesting to have a savory ice cream.

2nd and 3rd amuse--Girard cheese & foie de pigeon. We didn't tell our friend she was eating pigeon liver.

4th amuse was fried fish with aioli. This was so good. The fish were light and there was no hint of grease.

You could sprinkle the fish with this special salt with fennel and mustard seeds.

We had the 3 course menu for €25. The starter was Seafish Rillette with Shaved Cauliflower. I liked the creamy rillette but wasn't sure about the cauliflower. Turns out, it added crunch without detracting from the fish.

The 2nd course was Pork with Celery Tagliatelle. The pork was tender and delicious.

Side dish of Potatoes in Olive Oil. Delicious!

Mignardise of caramels, truffles and white chocolate.

Dessert was Nectarine Soup with Lime Meringue and Raspberry Ice Cream. 

This was the best lunch on our entire trip. The dishes were delicious and the staff were friendly. So much different from our other Michelin-starred experience at Stephane Derbord in Dijon. It's worth a stop in Tournus just to have lunch here.

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