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Saturday, December 19, 2015



In the morning, we woke up to find fog. It was so peaceful and this was what I imagined barging to be like.

Our first lock of the day was a manual lock. When we arrived, the gates were closed so we had to drop 2 people off at the floating dock to prepare the lock so that we could enter.

It was 18 km back to the head of the River Seille and another 6 km on the River Saone to Tournus. It took 2 3/4 hours. In addition to the manual lock, we came upon the lock with the lock keeper. This time, he had 2 friends helping him.

In Tournus, we moored at PK 111.8 on the right bank. There was no mooring fee but we still had access to electricity and water.

Tournus was a much larger town, although the latest census in 2006 was 6200. Market Day is Saturday. This was the Hotel de Ville.

Palais de Justice

Church of St. Philibert

Inside the church, there was a carving of St. Philibert on a stone column.

The marker for the town tour also had St. Philibert's image.

Abbaye St. Philibert.

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