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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

River Saone and Seurre

Leaving St. Jean de Losne, we cruised down the River Saone. I had envisioned barging the canals of France as meandering down small waterways. The River Saone was a big river.

Just 2 hours south of St. Jean de Losne, we came upon our first lock. Fortunately, this was manned. We just had to tie up on the side of the lock and the operator closed the locks. The bollards were quite far apart, so we tied fore and aft to the same bollard. We could almost hear the laughter roaring from the tower as we secured our boat. 

Seurre was the first town we reached. We moored in the marina and found a Monet-esque bridge next to us. Docking fees were based on the length of the boat and we paid €15. Showers on shore were €2.75.

There wasn't much in town and it was the end of the season so everything was closing. There was no one walking in town.

This was the church in town. 

We were surprised that even on a Saturday night, there were no restaurants open. Fortunately, we had enough food to have dinner on board. The bonus was the beautiful sunset.

2015 09 26

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