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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Last Day of Barging

We left Verdun sur le Doubs (PK 69) and cruised up the Doubs as far as Saunieres at PK 63. There wasn't much there so we turned around.

It was 20 km to Seurre, passing some beautiful houses on the riverbank.

We had 2 locks--the first at Ecuelles at PK 175 with a 3.2 m rise and our last lock at Seurre at PK 188, a 3.75 m rise. By now, we were pros at working the locks.

We arrived back at St. Jean de Losne

and the le Boat base. We were due to turn in the boat at 9 am the next morning and it was much easier for us to arrive in the late afternoon the day before rather than rushing to get in. Cleaning the boat was easy--strip the linens, sweep the inside of the cabin and spray down the deck. Otherwise, le Boat charged $105 for something that took us less than an hour to do.

2015 10 02

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