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Sunday, December 27, 2015


We had dinner at Restaurant Swiss Chuchi. We were looking for fondue and happened upon Swiss Chuchi while on our tour of the town. The restaurant is located at Rosengasse 10.

We started with a Mixed Salad for CHF 8.50. This was just greens with a couple of tomato wedges in a Balsamic vinaigrette.

In addition to fondue, there was raclette on the menu. Since it's unusual to find raclette in the US and I can find fondue at Trader Joe's, we decided to give raclette a try and ordered Raclette Nature for CHF 26.50. There was 180 g of sliced cheese with an assortment of baby corn, pearl onions, pickles, pear, tomatoes and mushrooms.

The raclette also came with a sack of potatoes.

Melt the cheese with the heating element on the table. Scrape the cheese over the potatoes and mix in some of the vegetables. It wasn't too exciting because the cheese didn't have much flavor. I should have stuck with the fondue.

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