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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Picnic in the Vineyards

We packed a picnic lunch for our bike trip. We purchased some items from Beaune and picked up other items along the way. 

We picked up foie gras here but if we had an apartment and access to an oven, I would have also gotten some of the escargot. You just need to heat them up.

Burgundy is known for gougere--savory cheese cream puffs. Delicious!

In Mersault, we found a small store that sold cheese

& salami. 

Here was our picnic. Along the bike route, there were tables off the path. Such a civilized way to bike.

Quiche, croissant, baguette & cheese.

Country pate.

2015 09 25

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  1. Love the blog! Followed the link from the Christmas card. Keep posting!