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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet, Chagny

Meursault is the first large town you will go through on the bike route.

Hotel de Ville--a former 14th century fortress that was the setting for the French film "La Grande Vadrouille."

Close-up of the fountain with a typical tiled Burgundian roof in the background.

Chateau de Mersault offered tours and tastings of their wines.

The next big town was Puligny-Montrachet. Bronze sculpture of vineyard workers in the center of town.

The bike route ended in Santenay and was only 20 km from Beaune. The route was mainly flat and each town was only 10-15 minutes apart. This was at a very leisurely pace, stopping often to take pictures.

You can bike back on the same route to Beaune or take a train from Santenay. The schedule is limited from Santenay so we biked 5 km further to Chagny along the Voie Verte.

The Voie Verte followed the canal. There was a bike path right next to the canal and it was a tranquil ride. 

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