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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Menudo & Shaved Snow

I found shaved snow in Santa Rosa. It's at Yo Panda, 2550 Guerneville Road. It is located in a corner of Tan's Donut. In another corner is Adobo Taqueria.

Menudo was featured on the menu at Adobo and I can never pass up menudo. This was a huge bowl, overstuffed with tripe for $10. The only problem was this was not good. It needed a lot more salt and body. Missing was the pig's feet and hominy.

Yo Panda also sells Banh Mi sandwiches but I was too full from the menudo to try one.

I got the Mango Shaved Snow with mango chunks and condensed milk--$4.95. I added lychee jelly for $0.50. It was a small portion but I loved it. I'm now hooked on shaved snow and can't wait to have it again.

2015 08 02

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