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Monday, December 14, 2015


Cuisery is one of four "book villages" in France. There are stores selling antique books and on the first Sunday of each month, there is a book fair. It was a sleepy town.

Hotel de Ville in the center of town.

Hotel Dieu--not sure when it stopped functioning as a hospital.

This was a large mansion we came across as we walked through town. The TI was closed so we weren't able to get a map.

Notre Dame de Cuisery

Mooring fee in Cuisery was €16. We ate on board for lunch and dinner because there were no open restaurants on Monday.

The next morning I had better luck finding food. Tuesday is Market Day in Cuisery. It was a small market with just a few stalls in front of the Hotel de Ville.

The boulangerie just down the street from the Hotel de Ville was open.

Breakfast was grapes from the market and croissants, chocolate croissants and raisin croissants from the bakery. Yum!

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