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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Back to Verdun sur le Doubs

We had breakfast on board.

We had picked up Meringue Praline the day before. This was a local specialty in Tournus.

I must admit I wasn't a big fan of the meringue praline. It was crumbly and fell apart when you bit into it. It didn't have much flavor either. I liked the flan much better. The French flan is thick but not quite like a cheesecake.

We had our first lock of the day at Ormes. We entered with a huge river boat (Bijou) and Apres Tout--a small luxury boat that was fully crewed. It carried 6 passengers and cost $39,000 for 1 week. We were the poor stepchild in the lock.

It was 30 km to Chalon sur Saone and we ventured up the Canal du Centre. The 1st lock was inoperable so we turned around.

It was another 17 km to Gergy, 5 1/2 hours from Tournus. This was the mooring dock. Everything was shut down.

Everything in town was shut down as well. No restaurants and no lunch. Fortunately, we still had food on board.

It was a little over an hour to Verdun sur le Doubs. We docked at the same spot we had used when we stopped for lunch. Mooring fees for the night was €12.50.

We walked down Rue de la Republique and crossed the bridge over the Doubs.

This took us to L'ile du Chateau, The chateau was in disrepair and it was missing a roof. They were cleaning the grounds and burning leaves. There was a nice little walking trail through the woods.

We walked along La Petite Saone, 

then along the banks of Le Petit Doubs, 

and found the Hotel de Ville, now a bread museum.

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