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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Le Caveaux

We arrived in Verdun sur le Doubs on a Sunday, shortly after noon.

I had read about Le Caveau on TripAdvisor and it was a short walk from the marina--on the other side of the canal. Monday-Friday, they serve a menu du jour for €12. We were there on a Sunday so we just ordered off the menu.

Colorful table setting.

This was a nice bottle of Pinot for €28.

I ordered the Menu Marguerite for €23. The first course was a salad buffet, Fried Fish or Grenouilles (frog legs). I chose the grenouilles, which were delicious. They were so garlicky.

The 2nd course was cheese or dessert. I chose the dessert, which turned out to be a raspberry tart.

My husband chose the Menu Heliodore for €38. He got 12 Escargots as his starter.

The region was known for Pochouse Verdunoise--a fish stew in a white wine sauce. The sauce was bland.

My husband got a cheese course,

which was followed by Assiette Gourmande--a variety of desserts, including the raspberry tart, cassis sorbet & cookies and a lemon curd.

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